Rare Volcanic Eruption on the Big Island

How do I attempt to describe a totally unexpected, rare experience that will forever remain a precious memory? I'm not sure but I'll venture to give it a try.

I just returned from the Big Island of Hawaii, where I spent a week attending conferences, inspecting resorts, and networking with suppliers. We were also treated to a few special activities like Ziplining over Akaka Falls and a Twilight Volcano Tour.


Our Volcano Tour was hosted by Hawaii Forest and Trail. Our spectacular guide, Mark, generously shared his love and passion for the Big Island with our group. We learned about Hawaiian culture and myths, the diversity of the islands, and so much more.

When it came time to finally experience our Twilight Volcano Tour, Mark went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable (yes, those warm jackets made a huge difference) and had everything we needed, hot chocolate included. His offer to me of a tripod for my camera was more prescient than any of us could have realized at the time!

We were cautioned not to get our hopes up too high, as the volcano had last erupted in 2008. At best, we might see a light red glow. At worst, we might not see anything but cloud cover. We arrived early enough to find our ideal viewing spot, and were excited to glimpse the red glow, brightening by the minute.

Without any warning, however, we were shocked when the volcano began to erupt! It was a rare and beautiful moment, captured here forever. What a memory!

Wailea Falls & Basket Weaving, Kauai

Waterfalls mesmerize me. Don't ask me why, they just do. So of course, while exploring as much as we possibly could while on Kauai, we trekked over to Wailea Falls, infamous for the opening scene in Fantasy Island.

It was an easy "trek" considering we were able to drive right up to it. It's beautiful and very accessible, found just off Maalo Road and Highway 583. I have to admit, though, that I was very tempted to break the rules and hike down. It's difficult to observe the beauty of a majestic waterfall and not get much closer.

What I also enjoyed at Wailea Falls, however, was meeting this gentleman, a very proficient basket weaver. He was perched carefully on a rock at the side of the road across from the Falls. It was fascinating to watch his fingers twist and turn, skillfully entwining the coconut palms together. I would have loved to engage him in conversation, but unfortunately, I was not the only explorer there that day. I had to content myself with solely observing his craft and listening to his soft-spoken responses. Maybe one day when I return, I’ll be able to find him again.

The Dramatic Garden Isle - Kauai

I knew Kauai was supposed to be spectacular, but nothing prepared me for the emotional response I would have when setting eyes upon it for the first time.

Unless you've been there, it's difficult to describe the sentiments that flood through you as you take in the lush, flowery landscape, the majestic cliffs and mountains, the vibrant colors surrounding you.

What made it even more spectacular was the interchange between gorgeous sunlight and misty rain. The effect was quite breathtaking, and that is a word I rarely bestow unless truly deserved.

This photo was taken on day one of our vacation, after leaving the Lihue Airport and heading to the North Shore. It was an unexpected yet memorable first encounter that has left a lasting impression.

Source: http://dramatic-kauai